Our Scratch Kitchen

Features seasonally inspired New American cuisine with northern country influences. The menu utilizes locally sourced ingredients with a large selection of vegetable dishes. Chef Christopher Wall will be featuring New England flavors and will utilize approachable nose to tail cooking.

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Sawbelly Scratch Kitchen Sunday Brunch Menu

Our Sweets & Cheeses and Salads & Vegetables menu items are also available on Sundays as well.

Maple Pecan Morning Bun

Warm maple pecan bun 6

Deviled Eggs

Creme fraiche, American caviar, dill 7

Biscuits & Fixins

Seasonal fruit preserves, salted maple butter 6

Braised Chicken BBQ

All natural chicken, molasses, chips, queso fresco, roasted Poblano sauce 9

Chicken Wings

Spicy pineapple sauce 7

Fried Pickles

Spicy Kirby’s & green tomatoes, buttermilk sauce 6

Korean Sticky Ribs

All natural pork, apple soy marinade, Gochujang bbq glaze 12

Fried Chicken & Beer Pancakes

Smokey bacon & real maple syrup 15

8oz. Steak Burger

Grass fed Angus, smoked cheddar, French soup onions, country fries, special sauce 16

Biscuits & Gravy & Eggs

Buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy, two fried eggs, greens, home fries 14

Steak & Eggs

Grass fed Angus shoulder tender, farmer's eggs, greens salad, salsa verde, home fries 24

Braised Goat Pappardelle

Slow braised local goat ragu, arugula, goat cheese 18

The Complete Breakfast

Farmer's eggs, fried cheese, baked beans, home fries, north country bacon, greens salad & grain toast 18

Country Benedict

Toasted biscuits, house cured ham, farmer's eggs, greens salad, home fries 15

Pulled Pork Sandwich

All natural pork, Two Toad Farm cabbage slaw, country fries 14

Veggie Burger

Beets, mushrooms, sweet potato noodles, rice & lentil patty, yogurt sauce, tomato jam, country fries, special sauce 16

Snack & Share | Sweets & Cheeses | Salads & Vegetables | Entrees | Sunday Brunch | Kids

Click here to learn more about our Executive Chef, Chris Wall. You can also follow us on social media for updates on weekly specials, event dinners and more.

Sawbelly Brewing's head brewer Brian in a cloud of dust from grain being cracked